Begin Your Journey Of  Hope and Healing

  • It’s time to start a new journey. There is hope and healing for you.
  • Does it feel like your road is always uphill?
  • Do you feel stuck in the past? Like you just don’t belong?
  • You deserve to be heard, live free, and have wholeness of heart.
  • Do you feel your shattered dreams are beyond repair? Does the loss feel too great?
  • Hope is available. Let’s find it together.
  • Restoration of body and mind.

What to Expect

bridge-croppedNot sure what to expect at your first counseling session? You’re in good company. Many people come into their first session apprehensive and unsure. Because the counseling relationship is one built on safety ... Learn More


boy on CliffYou know your life is just not what you wanted it to be or even what it once was. Certain behaviors, thoughts, and emotions may haunt you as you try to hold onto something resembling life. You need…something. Learn More


girl-treesMany different workshops are conducted throughout the year that focus on a specific topic to assist each attendee with understanding, processing, and personal engagement on the restoration journey.  Learn More

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About Us

We are so honored to walk with individuals and couples on their journey to find hope and wholeness of heart. We specialize in helping broken hearts find healing. Our hope is that you find a compassionate, understanding setting to be heard and understood. Learn more

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