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To provide a safe space for individuals, couples, and families to walk out of pain and into hope through personalized counseling and premier wellness services


Tara Hedman

Counseling ServicesI am so honored to walk with individuals on their journey to find hope and wholeness. Life can be a complicated and devastating journey. Individuals who continue to walk through life bravely while carrying pain and confusion can find peace from the chaos. I specialize in counseling services to help broken hearts heals.

Helping mend shattered hearts is my specialty. My desire to help people comes from a place of personal understanding and experience. I spent many hours as a client in the counseling room and I know the vulnerability required to show up and consider telling the truth; maybe for the first time. It takes vulnerability, and often we feel that our vulnerability is what got us into the situation in the first place. Perhaps we’ve vowed never to be vulnerable again.

The importance of a safe, protected environment where you can open in your time is essential to the healing process. As your goals and desires may change over time, we approach them with gentleness and compassion in our counseling services. With great care, and a vision for a future where you are free to be the person you were born to be, we discover and recover your truest self.

I am a registered psychotherapist in Colorado and bring extensive education, training, and experience in group therapy and individual therapy specific to PTSD, complex trauma, sexual abuse and aversion, relationship difficulties, anxiety and depression, and childhood abuse.

My hope is that you find a compassionate, understanding setting for your heart to be heard and understood through our counseling services. Change is possible. You deserve to find hope on life’s journey. I would be honored to walk with you.

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Cindy England

Group TheraoyFeelings of inferiority and disconnection are often brought on by circumstances and events that are out of your control. Perhaps these events are recent, or decades ago. Either way, your story can change.

Because of my own trauma history, I understand the frightening feeling of being unsafe in my own body. I believed trauma was my identity. It was not, and neither is it yours. Healing and harmony are possible. Helping others find restoration through a mind-body connection, and making that possible through yoga and body work is my passion. 

Often times, due to physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma, we have vacated our bodies as a form of protection. This keeps us from meaningful connection with ourselves and others. The practice of yoga in a supportive, protected environment can help you learn how to respond to feelings and sensations as they arise. Together, we can re-engage with your strength.

Your feelings of pain, shame, or fear will be attended to gently, and with great care. You can find contentment and be fully present in a meaningful way. The practice of being firmly established in love is cultivated over time. Yoga is an invitation to discover your true self, and provides a pattern and path for staying present no matter the circumstances. It is a journey worthy of your time.

Whether we are on or off the mat, in individual or group therapy sessions, the sense of well-being stays with you throughout the day and throughout your life. I would be honored to walk with you.

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Ashley Rainey

Marriage and Family Counselor

Life is full of heartache and hope.  For many of us, we've not been given the tools or skills needed to walk through the struggles of life and find lasting relief.  We try walking different trails and wonder why we end up in the same place over and over.

Our greatest desire and pain often comes in the form of relationships. The wounds can be significant.  Then, we find ourselves in the same painful place again and again.  Unhelpful relational patterns can be uncovered and redirected with gentleness and care. 

I would be honored to help you find a new path out of the confusion and pain. I specialize in marriage and family counseling services. In addition, I have extensive experience with addiction, trauma, and the many ways the underlying pain makes itself known.

Much of the healing in counseling hinges on how accepted and safe the client feels with the therapist.  This is especially true when personal relationships are being addressed.  I come into the counseling room agenda-free for you. Our counseling services are directed towards your goals.  We will focus on your healing, experiences, connections, and relationships at a pace that feels safe to you. Together we'll create an environment that provides a deep, personal, and lasting change in you. 

I know what it's like to choose a counselor.  To walk into an office of a stranger with a broken heart and long for hope.  I know the vulnerability in telling the truth while needing kindness and respect in return.

Regardless if you've been in counseling before or are considering one of our counseling services  for the first time, I would be glad to answer your questions and help you begin a new journey.  Your story, your hurt, and your desires matter.  There is help.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Colorado, and I bring the education, specialized training, and experience to help you find the life that's been waiting for you.  The old feelings and patterns can be transformed on the path.  Let's find it together.

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Individual Counseling Services

Hi! My name is Oliver, but everyone calls me Ollie. I work at Hedman Counseling Center. My favorite thing is greeting clients when they come in for one of our counseling services, so they feel welcome. I am kind of shy when I first meet new humans, but my mom says that's good, because each visitor can decide if they want to pet me or not.

Mostly I just chew on my bone while you talk to the nice counselors here. You can pet me, and I'll snuggle with you, but only if you want. Humans sometimes feel better saying scary or sad things if I am close by. My mom says I'm really good at knowing when humans are sad, so you can be sad as much as you need and I'll stay close by. 

The more you come to see us, the more I'll know you and learn how best to comfort you during one of our counseling services. I get so excited when you come back and I get to see you and smell your shoes and coat. When you leave, I usually roll over so you can rub my belly. I really like that! And it's ok if you don't want to, it doesn't hurt my feelings at all. What you need is most important and maybe because I'm here you'll feel just a little bit better.

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