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Ask a Guy

Everything you wanted to know
but never asked.

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Ages 18 and up

Why do men do that? What are they thinking?

Get candid answers to real questions you have about men from men. Work, sex, faith, love, family, friendship, parenting. Your tough questions. Their honest answers. You don't want to miss it.

This event first took place four years ago. In counseling sessions everyday, women ask, “Why does he do that?” So, we decided to ask. Every year since, we have rounded up a panel of men to ask questions and hear their honest answers. These men have been vulnerable and courageous to come and share from their hearts and experiences.

This year is no different. With a panel of men, we will gather to ask questions in an open panel discussion. Questions from the audience can be asked to the men directly, or through a confidential moderator. No question is off limits, and we are always surprised and delighted at the content of the discussion.


This is our most requested event year after year. Don’t miss it.
Make it a girls night out and bring your friends.
You’ll be glad you did!

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