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This Holiday Season…

I went to a store on Halloween this year and the presence of Halloween was gone. No trace of orange, no markdowns, nothing. This store had the feel of early December, which quickly got me excited to decorate for the end of year holidays. I made a comment to a loved one about the idea of decorating early and the response was, “We cannot do that! It would be like skipping Thanksgiving.”

When we have loved ones coming around to decorate, celebrate, and create new experiences, it can be a very special time. It can also be stressful. A make-sure-everyone-else-is-okay kind of time. The unique context and history of every family can bring up many different emotional responses. It can offer us many moments of reflection.

Do you find yourself experiencing a spike in anxiety and stress around the holidays? Is it difficult to “live in the moment” or actually enjoy the festivities due to all the planning and self-imposed expectation? Do family patterns during the holidays create emotional reactions that are difficult for you to process and let go of? Do you find yourself wishing for holidays to just be over?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, I want you to know there is a safe space for you to process and create lifestyle patterns that serve the soul. We all know it is important to make time for ourselves during holidays, and so few of us actually do so. It’s essential to remember the growth and how far we’ve come. To be true to ourselves and recognize our own needs is the best self-care. Maybe the most important thing we can do this holiday season is to put our personal needs first, so we can show up for others with authenticity and love.

This year, I have decided that I can do things differently than the way they have always been done. I can decide what serves the heart and lives of me and those closest to me! The one thing I am sure of this year is that the decision will be mine, and not someone else’s expectation of me! You can do the same.


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