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When you choose couples counseling, you’ll work with your partner to recognize and resolve conflicts and improve all aspects of your relationships. Your relationship may be crumbling or you may be doing well and need an emotional oil change. Either way, we can assist you in growing a strong and enduring relationship build on trust and authenticity.

Through work with your counselor you and your partner can make thoughtful decisions as you determine the direction and journey that is best for you both. Healthy couples make healthy families. We know the importance of empowered marriages and relationships. They effect children, neighborhoods, communities, and the world. We love helping you grow together. 

Often times, after individual counseling, couples counseling can help to support the changes each of you are moving into. 

Perhaps your not sure if you want to make the initial contact with a counselor or not. Where do you start? Clients often say they hesitated to call because they didn’t know where to start. That is why we are here. You don’t have to have it all together before you come in, we start right where you are and move from there. It’s our job to help you sort it out. We are honored to do so.

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We are so honored to walk with individuals and couples on their journey to find hope and wholeness of heart. We specialize in helping broken hearts find healing at our professional counseling and therapy center in Colorado Springs. Our hope is that you find a compassionate, understanding setting to be heard and understood. Learn more

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