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Statements have been provided voluntarily and with written permission from the individual. 

“Tara is humble and accepting. She has embraced me wherever I am in life. She has shown persistence and diligence regardless of what needs tackled. It is a pleasure to have Tara in my life.”

“Having Tara in my life has afforded me the pleasure of witnessing God-given grace and compassion for those who are hurting and those who have hurt others. She is a therapist and counselor whose strength and determination to understand is an inspiration to others and myself. Tara pursues truth while bringing a great sense of humor at the same time. Tara is she is one of the smartest people I know and I look forward to every interaction we share.” 

“Tara’s strong gift is her capacity to understand people, human nature, and relate to people’s trauma and pain. I have never seen a more compassionate person with more grace than Tara, and her ability to demonstrate this is unending and inspirational to me. She has the ability to make me think about how I can improve my relationships and, I know this sounds corny, be a better person. Tara is immensely caring and I believe her clients are as committed to working with her as she is to them.”

“Tara is someone, who, right away, I knew was authentic and honest to the core. She just couldn’t be anything but herself and I immediately liked her and looked up to her. Brave, real, vulnerable, lovely. She is a confidante and mentor to me and many others. She is also one of the brightest, most intellectual and perceptive people I have ever known. In group therapy, her feedback was honest, on target, helpful and heartfelt, without being judgmental. She told me what I needed to hear, even when it hurt. But coming from her and the nurturing way in which she delivered the “news”, I never felt hurt; instead I felt valued. She perpetually listened, learned and listened again. Tara heard my heart.”

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