In group counseling you’ll be part of a group of eight or less individuals working with a counselor gaining self-awareness, connection, and safety in a therapeutic community. Group provides an opportunity to heal as we hear the perspectives, stories, and feedback from others.

It is essential that the environment and all communication in group counseling be safe. Each member is allowed their own journey and process. Healing in group is a profoundly deep, life-changing opportunity. It is different than community groups, 12- step groups, or small faith-based lead groups. It is therapeutic. The counselors plays an important role of keeping the group on track and honoring each persons journey. 

At Hedman Counseling Center, we love group counseling. It changes the way we heal from the damage of life.

Individual counseling is powerful. Often, after some time in individual counseling, it is a good time to move into a new realm of healing in group counseling. Because so many of our wounds happen in community, finding a safe community to heal in magnifies the healing power. 

Many of us weren’t given the tools early in life to know how to be honest, authentic, or vulnerable and still be SAFE at the same time. We provide tools and experiences to step into this process with great care.

We have found that most people are very anxious about group to begin with, and then they are asking for more group when out time together is up. It changes the way we see the world, others, and ourselves. And the therapist is there to walk beside you at each step. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us about current group openings or new groups beginning soon. 

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