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Healing Sexual Wounds Through Yoga

Workshop Details:

August 12, 2017 
(9 AM - 3 PM)  

Lunch, Beverages and Materials Provided

Hedman Counseling Center
4297 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Suite 204
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

All materials and supplies provided.

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Small Group Workshop

Memories of sexually abusive or violent experiences can be intrusive.  The events may have been yesterday or 30 years ago.  These memories can make it difficult for you, as a survivor, to connect with others and learn how to trust.  Trauma-sensitive yoga can help you find union between body, mind, and emotions allowing participants to slowly access your truest self once again.

After experiencing trauma, the body and mind go into over-drive and anticipates danger even when there is none.  Regardless of the nature of the sexual experience, you may suffer from physical pain or emotional unrest after experiencing a current trigger from the original event. 

Trauma can leave the body feeling continually unsafe.  Trauma sensitive yoga can help establish recourses for you to use every day and help your body feel grounded in authenticity. 

Trauma-sensitive yoga is truly unique to the needs of the individual.  It is a place to learn how to stay connected when your mind wants to check out. 

Come be supported, learn tools, and relax in a gentle environment.  Ask questions.  Take breaks.  Feel connected.  You deserve healing. 

The practice of trauma-sensitive yoga can help survivors establish safety and resources their body in a way that feels authentic and manageable - truly unique to their needs.  No prior yoga experiences is needed and all body types warmly welcomed.  Come be surprised at the beauty of the healing process. 

If this date does not work for you, but you are interested in the workshop, please send an email to info@hedmancounseling.com. We hope to host this workshop on a regular basis and will be glad to inform you when the next one is scheduled.

The workshop includes:

  • Exercise choice over your body and what feels good to you 
  • Become gently reacquainted with your body
  • Explore meaning behind strength and pain 
  • Gain connection to self and others in a peaceful environment
  • Establish safety and stability in the body 
  • Regain power through mindful movement
  • Experience a supported, pressure-free environment 


Lunch, Beverages, and Materials Provided

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