Perhaps life is feeling chaotic and your heart has been shredded from a life of pain and fear. Perhaps you’ve made choices that create shame so deep you feel you’ll never get out. Or, you simply need someone to help talk through the next step on your journey with career, family, or relationship. Individual Counseling begins this journey of understanding.

We'll help you identify and meet your deepest needs though self awareness and gentle change. The therapeutic relationship is essential to healing, and one-on-one counseling is a great place to start your recovery journey.

Our Team and Network is Here to Help You

The counselor is there to support you with your goals. Each counselor at Hedman Counseling Center provides unique and specialized areas of focus. We desire to ensure you are with the counselor that best matches your needs, personality, and level of comfort.

Because the relationship between the counselor and the therapist is essential in individual counseling, if we don’t have the right therapist for you, we will help you find the right one. Hedman Counseling Center leads a group of over 300 therapists in Colorado and we can help you find the right one that best fits your needs. 

Next Steps - Just Give Us A Call

Give us a call. Every person on staff at Hedman Counseling personally knows the difficulty of contacting a stranger to express a need for help. We have all been in that exact place. We take very seriously the idea that we cannot, as counselors, give what we don’t have, and that every good therapist has a therapist of their own. There is no pressure to do it “the right way”. Just lean in. We are here to help and would be honored to walk with you.



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About Us

We are so honored to walk with individuals and couples on their journey to find hope and wholeness of heart. We specialize in helping broken hearts find healing. Our hope is that you find a compassionate, understanding setting to be heard and understood. Learn more

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