Premarital Counseling

Premarital Counseling with a marriage and family therapist provides:

A strong foundation for a lasting partnership.
A safe place to explore and enhance relational fundamentals.
Activities to strengthen your connection and communication.
Insight into topics that couples often face early in marriage.
Learn communication tools to deepen connection.
This list may seem silly when life is in such a joyful season, or you’ve already been in
relationship with each other for so long you can’t remember when you weren’t together. It may
seem strange to think about preparing for the journey ahead. After all, he’s only just popped
the question and she’s only just said yes.
Ashley Rainey, our marriage and family therapist, will share your joy and help you look ahead
and clear the path for a lifetime of love, fulfillment and a passionate partnership.
If you are marrying for the first time, if you’ve been married before, or if you are blending
families, premarital counseling can help. In the excitement of planning a new life together,
couples are quickly overwhelmed with the wedding plans, honeymoon travel, housing
arrangements, finances, family, and the general merriment of all the exciting changes.
It’s easy to forget the opportunities and the challenges likely to arise after the wedding, and it
may seem unreasonable to even talk about it when we are high on love. Premarital counseling
can be a fun and exciting opportunity to learn about each other and oneself much more deeply,
and to pave the way for a long successful and happy partnership.

Areas of focus:
Understanding love, friendship, and compatibility in a marriage.
Household management and finances.
Learning the language of true partnership.
Family planning, child raising, and blended families.
Integration of extended family members.
The role of spirituality.
Identifying ghosts from prior relationships.
Idealized vs. realistic expectations.
How to ask for what you need.
Hidden treasures in you and your partner.
How to disagree in a problem-solving manner.
How to maintain you own identity and relate well as a couple.

Many couples come to counseling long after the wedding when difficulties have arisen and their
dreams have derailed. It can be life changing to discover important areas of compatibility and
identify areas of difference before walking down the aisle. It can clear the path of your
relationship for years to come.

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