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green-stepsWe desire to remove as many barriers as possible in helping you begin your counseling journey. Therefore, we provide sessions in home, in office, by phone, or though secure video chat. We’re glad to help you determine the best fit for your life and needs.

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We provide:

Individual Counseling

You’ll work one-on- one with a counselor to explore how to improve your quality of life. Well explore how to identify and meet your deepest needs though self awareness and gentle change. The therapeutic relationship is essential to healing and one-on- one is a great place to start your recovery journey...Learn More

Couples Counseling

You’ll work with your partner to recognize and resolve conflicts and improve all aspects of your relationships. Your relationship may be crumbling or you may be doing well and need an emotional oil change. Through work with your counselor you can make thoughtful decisions as you determine the direction and journey that is best for you both...Learn More

Family Counseling

Families come in many forms. Sometimes family is blood, sometimes family is by choice, and each family has its own structures and patterns. The family unit will work with a counselor to set mutual goals and determine the direction that will best help to create a family environment for healing and hope...Learn More

Group Counseling

You’ll be part of a group of eight or less individuals working with a counselor gaining self-awareness, connection, and safety in a therapeutic community. Group provides an opportunity to heal as we hear others’ perspectives, stories, and feedback. It is essential that the environment be safe and each member is allowed their own journey and process. Healing in group is a profoundly deep, life-changing opportunity...Learn More

Phone and Secure Video Chat Counseling

Phone and video chat counseling can be stand-alone services for those who live anywhere in Colorado, but do not have the time, energy, or ability to travel to our physical location. They can also be used by those clients who generally attend sessions in office, and have found themselves, due to crisis, travel, or illness, unable to do so. Each client and situation is evaluated to determine if phone or video chat counseling are appropriate. It is determined if proper technology and confidentiality are available to the client to conduct such services. Many clients have found both services to be supportive and helpful...Learn More


Whether it feels like you’re at a significant crisis point or a need a kick start on your healing journey, an intensive allows for concentrated time to heal and explore restoration in the wounded and aching parts of your soul. An intensive is structured specific to each individual’s goals, timeframe, and needs. It is one of the most effective and efficient options. Clients continually express the benefits of intensive work for long term healing...Learn More


Many different workshops are conducted throughout the year. Check out the Events tab at the top of the homepage for more information on workshops currently scheduled. Workshops are one or two day events that focus on a specific topic to assist each attendee with understanding, processing, and personal engagement on the restoration journey. If there is a specific topic you’d like covered, please let us know...Learn More

Premarital Counseling

A strong foundation for a lasting partnership.
A safe place to explore and enhance relational fundamentals.
Activities to strengthen your connection and communication.
Insight into topics that couples often face early in marriage.
Communication tools to deepen connection....Learn More

Trauma-Informed Yoga 

In a safe, inviting, and gentle environment, Cindy will help you to explore restoration of body and mind. Because trauma leaves an imprint on the body, the gentle, integrative practice of trauma-informed yoga may be just the assistance you’re needing on your journey. In our beautiful on-site yoga studio, individual and group trauma-informed yoga sessions are available. The practice of yoga through movement, breath, and mindfulness is a proven treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other trauma related concerns...Learn More

Spiritual Abuse 

Spiritual abuse comes in many forms, and the wounded often feel alone on the journey of recovery. At Hedman Counseling Center we take spirituality and spiritual abuse, in all its forms, seriously. We offer a safe, and open environment for spiritual abuse counseling....Learn More 

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) & Dysfunctional Families 12-Step Program

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) and Dysfunctional Families is a 12-step program that brings together a diverse group of recovering individuals.  In ACA, you will find individuals from all walks of life who are recovering from abuse, shame and abandonment in all its many forms.  ...Learn More


Serivces provided in home, in office, by phone, or though secure video chat.

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About Us

We are so honored to walk with individuals and couples on their journey to find hope and wholeness of heart. We specialize in helping broken hearts find healing at our professional counseling and therapy center in Colorado Springs. Our hope is that you find a compassionate, understanding setting to be heard and understood. Learn more

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