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Scared Shitless: Puppy Trauma

Posted by on Oct 4, 2017 in For Fun, Tara Hedman, Therapy Dog Blog | Comments Off on Scared Shitless: Puppy Trauma

Hi, humans! I’ve grown up so much since I wrote to you last time, and am officially a therapy dog. I love my clients and get excited when they come in to see me. I know lots about trauma and LOVE to help. Helping is my favorite thing! Mom asked me to share something kind of embarrassing. I don’t want to, but she said it might help some humans. So, I said ok. One day, my big brother Murphy and I were playing in the backyard. We do zoomies around the trees and chase the bunnies. We run around the barn and play hide and...

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Therapy Dog with a Blog

Posted by on Oct 11, 2015 in Grief and Loss, Tara Hedman, Therapy Dog Blog | Comments Off on Therapy Dog with a Blog

HI! My name’s Oliver. Everyone calls me Ollie. I’m a therapy dog. Well, I’m training to be a therapy dog. My job is to help people who are sad or afraid. They can pet me or I can just sit near them when they talk to my mom.

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