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Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Yoga Counseling Colorado Springs 

In a gentle, safe, and inviting environment, Cindy will help you to explore restoration of body and mind.

Trauma leaves an imprint on the body. The gentle, integrative practice of trauma sensitive yoga may be just the assistance you’re needing on your journey. Trauma informed yoga helps individuals feel comfortable in their own body and improve self-regulation. The objective of trauma sensitive yoga is to help individuals regain body awareness and take note of what is taking place inside their bodies. As this happens they learn to release tension, relax, and reduce fear.  Trauma Sensitive Yoga

The practice of trauma sensitive yoga through breath, movement, and mindfulness is a proven treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as well as other trauma related concerns. We offer sessions for group and individual trauma sensitive yoga in Colorado Springs at our beautiful on-site trauma sensitive yoga studio. 

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Cindy England

Yoga Counseling Colorado SpringsFeelings of disconnection and inferiority are often brought on by situations and events that are out of your control. Maybe these events are recent, or decades ago. Either way, you have the ability and power to change your story.

Due to my own trauma history, I understand the terrifying feeling of being insecure in my own body. I believed trauma was my identity. It was not, and it is not yours either. Harmony and healing are possible. My passion is helping others find restoration through a mind-body connection.

Often times, due to emotional, physical, or spiritual trauma, we have vacated our bodies as a form of protection. This stops us from building and maintaining meaningful connections with ourselves and others. Trauma sensitive yoga is practiced in a supportive, and protected environment. It can help you learn how to answer sensations and feelings as they arise. Together, we can re-engage with your strength.

We will attend to your feelings of shame, pain, or fear with great care and attention. You can find contentment and be fully present in a meaningful way during our trauma sensitive yoga class. The practice of being firmly invested in love is cultivated over time. Yoga is an invitation to find your true self, and provides a pattern and path for remaining in the present no matter the circumstances.  Trauma sensitive yoga is a journey worthy of your time.

Whether we are on or off the mat, in group therapy or individual therapy sessions, the sense of well-being will remain with you throughout the day and throughout your life. I would be fortunate to walk with you.

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